With Free YouTube to MP3 converter is possible to convert videos from any website like Facebook, Metacafe, Vimeo, or Soundcloud to MP3 format.

To do this, you have to copy the Youtube video URL and paste it into Utubster Video Downloader and Converter.

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Q&A #1 What does a Youtube Converter to MP3 do?

Basically, it performs downloading and converting videos from any website to your computer in common formats like mp3 and mp4. Having offline music in mp3 format is especially useful when you have a limited internet connection like when you go running or for a hike. With a YouTube converter, it is very easy to listen to your favorite music videos anywhere by planning ahead and downloading all you need.

Q&A #2 Does it work on every operating system?

Utubster works great on Windows operating system. The macOS version is in development and will soon be available for download. If you are on macOS and you need a YouTube converter you can try any other online YouTube Downloader service.

Q&A #3 How to convert videos from any Website?

You can download any video from any website. You may choose to download restricted age videos from YouTube or PornHub videos. It doesn’t matter because Utubster Video Downloader and Converter don’t track your downloading activity. This is because it acts as a web browser and does not use any additional web service besides your computer resources: both downloading and converting the video is done on your machine. This is nice because when you are using an online converter you get all kinds of tracking cookies and your request is processed on a remote server.

Q&A #4 How to Convert YouTube videos to MP3 files?

Copy the Video URL and paste it into the application. Choose the quality and press download. That’s it. Click here for detailed step by step about how to download videos from YouTube.

Q&A #5 What file formats can it download from YouTube?

Free YouTube Downloader and Converter covers the most common download formats: MP3 for music and for video. These formats are widely spread and work great on Windows, Mac, and mobile phones.

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Q&A #6 What quality can I convert from YouTube?

If you are downloading a music video that will be converted into MP3 the best “available quality” is the one. This will ensure that your YouTube MP3 will be converted to 320kbs. If disk space is a problem you could go on a lower convert quality. This way your mp3 file will have a lower bitrate and save some disk space.

For video, you should choose at least HD quality (meaning 720p). This resolution is optimal for mobiles. On laptops and desktops, you should choose FullHD or 4K convert quality for your movie.

Q&A #7 How to preserve the original quality while converting YouTube Video?

Any YouTube video is compressed during the uploading phase and some loss in quality is normal. Utubster YouTube converter uses lossy-data compression while extracting the MP3.

This allows a large reduction in file sizes when compared to uncompressed audio. Though you shouldn’t expect any difference in downloaded quality versus the browser version.

If you experience a massive drop in audio quality after converting the YouTube video you most probably didn’t download the video with the best available quality option. It is best practice to keep this option on and after download.

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