How to download videos from YouTube

This article contains informations about how to download your YouTube video for a backup, or if you lost it after uploading, or maybe just for viewing it while you are offline.

Step 1Download a software that can download from YouTube

There are many software on the market that have this feature. Some of them are online downloaders and may inject ads while you wait for the video to be prepared. Although these are a good option, our recommendation is to get a desktop application with this feature, as you will see no-ads, "no waiting queue" and you can download multiple URLs (or a playlist) at the same time.

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Step 2Copy the URL of the video

You will need to copy the URL of the video from the playlist and then paste it in the application.

PRO tip: Use the paste icon for a quick flow.

Step 3Choose the desired download quality

Our recomendation is to leave the "Best available" option. While you can choose between 4K, Full HD, HD or SD this way automagically have the highest quality mp4.

How to download videos from YouTube

Step 4Press the download button

This is it. Depending of your internet connection speed, your computer CPU and the video size this might take just a few minutes. You can see the percentage progress from start to finish!

Step 5Check your Downloads folder

You can find the video in the downloads folder. This is usually under "This PC" section in Windows File Explorer. You can also use the open file icon from the application.

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