Why is video download still relevant in the era of streaming?

We have bid goodbye to DVDs, VHSs, and even blu-ray and CDs in today’s digital progressive era. Today, watching favorite shows and movies is so much easier since today, with time and tech progression, we have various platforms and sites to view videos and enjoy our favorite shows and movies from.
But even though we have progressed with time, there is still a trend of downloading movies instead of just streaming them on sites. Even though they are digital mediums, they are quite different from each other. Let’s read more to find out why, continue scrolling!

Live to stream

Streaming VS Downloading a video:

Various people can’t easily differentiate between streaming and downloading; somehow, both look similar to everyone. If you’re one of the people who are confused, you need not worry because we have got your back. Here’s what these two terms mean:

  • Streaming is a process where both technology and devices such as computers, laptops, or phones are engaged with the internet’s help to carry the content and deliver it to your screen for you to enjoy.
  • Streaming has its forms, such as:

Live to stream

Also known as live casting, it is used to describe the live footage displayed to people worldwide, which means that the video is live. Whatever is happening in it is currently taking place and is broadcasted and accessible through our phones, laptops, and even on our television screens.
VOD or Video on Demand is also a form of streaming where the content that could be audio or visual is on-demand and played by the user. On-demand here means that it’s out there, and whenever you want to access it, you could search for it, and it will be available for you to stream and view. In such cases, movies, videos, and music are appropriate examples of searching for them and streaming on platforms like YouTube.

The download is a complete u-turn from this. When you download a file, whether that be an audio or a movie/show, these files physically belong to you; you have it as a whole at your disposal to do with it as you want. You can play the video as many times as possible, or if it’s audio, then you play it as many times as you wish. This aspect has progressed quite a lot these days; not only can you view broadcasting of various webinars, or news but today, multiple events are covered so the audience can view it live in their homes’ comfort.

What you need to do according to your preferences:

If you want to use a file frequently, download it. Comparing the both would be useless because, as you see, both are different in their way. Sometimes streaming is the better choice and other times downloading is.

If you want to see a show/movie continuously, you can go ahead and download it. Downloading will be easier because it happens once, and later you can view it numerous times. You do not need an internet connection to play it; it makes a huge difference because if you are traveling and are somewhere where there isn’t a stable internet connection, or it’s not fast, then the download is the best option.

On the other hand, whereas streaming is a process where data is transmitted every time you play it. It is in the browser’s cache, and data flow is constant. It may stop for a second or two, but the video continues playing when the streaming continues.
So if it’s a precious file or a favorite movie that you enjoy and view quite a few times, then do not stop; you better download the file and keep it safely on a hard drive or your computer, or even on your mobile phone. In this case, you can open it and listen and view it anytime.

Why stream?

If a file you plan to view or listen to is not an important one and seems useless to download and keep, then you should prefer streaming. While using Facebook, there are so many funny videos or just videos in general that you might see and like, and there is so much content out there you view and do not like. So in such cases, aren’t you grateful that instead of downloading it, you just saw the video and removed it beforehand because you didn’t enjoy it as much. Streaming is also a massive bandwidth saver since it stops you from downloading what you did not require.

How are Videos downloaded?

At this point, you are probably wondering how essential videos that you need to keep on your devices can be downloaded. You could start by heading off to utubster.com.

What is Utubster?

Utubster is an application out there trusted by over 50,000 users for converting YouTube videos into downloads easily accessible on your device. Not only videos, but all those songs you had been enjoying live streaming on YouTube can be downloaded as well.

  • Playlists from your favorite websites can be downloaded.
  • Videos of all qualities can easily be downloaded, and from 4K to HD is also available.

How to download?

The easiest way to download a file from various other platforms or playlists of music or your favorite videos from YouTube what you need to is:

  • Download the utubster application
  • Copy the URL of the video that you need to download from your browser.
  • Open Utubster and choose your desired download type; it could be video or music, and then select the quality.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Ta-da! The download will begin, and you will have the item saved. How easy was that?

A question arises: Why utubester.com and not any other site. Well, here’s why you need to prefer Utubster and not any other site out there.

  • Fast service! Downloads your favorite content and is fast up to 4 concurrent, and there isn’t any speed limit. What more do you want?
  • Free? Yes, you heard that right! Utubster lets you download videos from YouTube as well as songs of your favorite singers from SoundCloud too. Are you worried about losing the music? You don’t have to because you can easily download it now.
  • Quickly helps you choose from various video qualities starting from 480p to HD, Full HD, and even 4K. Yes, yes, yes!
  • Another added benefit is it easily bypasses age-restricted content. So if you’re someone below 18 and are listening to music that is 18+ you need not worry because with Utubster, you can have it all!


To conclude it and make it easier, let’s re-read the above content but in simpler words. In today’s era, the world is high-speed; everything works from a tap of a key and quite quickly. So in times like these, with things being accessible, people get attached to things and want to keep them closer. That’s where downloading comes in place; people want to keep closer to what they love and enjoy and share it with others. So if you are one of those people, this article has made your life easier. Quickly download the app and get started. Happy Utubster-ing!

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